IN the environment

Metal packaging: easy to use and to recycle. The relationship between packaging and environment is "the matter" in the latest ecological discussion. The fight against pollution and waste, the need of a rational used packaging disposal are an assumption and a goal at the same time. Metal packaging in particular are hygienic, solid, safe, cheap and have a lower CO2 ratio if compared with other common materials; it can be re used at infinity and set at the 1st place in Europe for the "recycling" ratio. Scatolificio Lecchese is involved in these subjects recycling 100% of production scraps. For any additional information you can visit the following websites of the unions Scatolificio Lecchese is associated with.
Consorzio nazionale riciclo imballaggi acciaio: www.consorzioricrea.org
Consorzio imballaggi alluminio: www.cial.it